Carbon-Neutral and Powerful Batteries for Life
Geyser Batteries outperform supercapacitors by all parameters, making them the best solution for a variety of transportation applications, including start-stop systems, fast-charging electric buses and high-power hybrid systems.
Geyser Batteries offer the transportation industry a carbon-neutral solution to help organizations meet their new EU CO2 emissions goals. With the specific energy of Geyser Batteries being as high as 30 Wh/kg, they present a more efficient alternative to conventional batteries for transit, from mild hybrids to fast-charging ridesharing vehicles, electrified-road transportation to city EVs.
Our battery products can run through several million cycles – while always recharging within seconds – and are more versatile throughout every season, continuing to perform in temperatures as low as -60C. Geyser Batteries can ensure that your vehicles start easier, even in the cold weather, and continue to perform during peak times.
Using aqueous electrolytes, Geyser Batteries are built using no toxic or flammable/explosive components. Our batteries' bipolar design, and thus low heat profile, results in unprecedented safety of your energy storage solutions.
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