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April 23, 2019
Geyser Batteries introduces new generation of fast-charging energy storage solutions

Geyser Batteries Oy, a Finnish startup company, has developed a new and innovative battery technology, the key functional characteristic of which is an unprecedented balance between power and energy storage delivered consistently through millions of operating cycles.

The new, fast-charging battery meets the growing demand for high power, high durability, and sustainable energy storage. This innovation targets applications in transportation, industrial, marine, and grid stabilization where power, durability, and safety are of critical importance. The focus is on requirements for high specific power (>5kW/kg) in combination with medium specific energy (10 – 30 Wh/kg).

The heart of the innovation is in its successful combination of a battery and a supercapacitor in one single electro-chemical system. Without involving intercalation processes, Geyser has developed a battery that combines the best of these two energy storage technologies. While the resulting energy density is lower than with Li-ion batteries, this is offset by the fact that the energy is delivered fast and in full, with the power characteristic kept stable over time, making Geyser Batteries particularly suitable for hybrid power solutions.

The electrolytes used are based on water, rather than on toxic and highly flammable materials that require costly drying processes. This results in a very safe battery, produced using inexpensive manufacturing methods with a minimum carbon footprint.

"Geyser Batteries is clearly poised to disrupt the market for high-power energy storage with a proven solution that is carbon-neutral, competitively priced, safe, and extremely durable. Our products overcome the limitations encountered by traditional energy storage technologies, and offer disruptive functionality to our clients," says Andrey Shigaev, CEO of Geyser Batteries Oy.

The new battery is suitable for use in all climates. Thanks to the aqueous electrolytes, it continues operating at temperatures as low as -60C. This strengthens the case for the use of Geyser Batteries as a power buffer for heavy-duty applications: on its own or in combination with Li-ion and other battery systems to increase their lifespan and power characteristics.

Geyser Batteries will be featuring the product at the Battery Show Europe 2019, being held in Stuttgart, Germany from May 7 to 9, on stand number G309.

Contact information:

Mr. Andrey Shigaev, CEO,, phone: +358 41 704 3444

About Geyser Batteries Oy: The company was founded in 2018 and employs a team of engineers and specialists with more than 25 years of experience in the research, development, and manufacturing of specialty aqueous supercapacitors. It is based in Vaasa, Finland.

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