Power Grid
The Right Power for Your Power Systems
Geyser Batteries offer energy storage capabilities that rival lead-acid batteries while providing millions of recharge cycles at high power levels, providing longer-lasting energy than super- and ultra-capacitors. This makes our batteries unique for a wide range of power grid applications with operating timescales ranging from seconds to days.
Whether integrated with other energy storage solutions or set up as stand-alone battery systems, Geyser Batteries will meet all standards of the power industry and help provide quality power wherever needed. Because they charge instantly and retain high-level power, our batteries can perform during and after voltage issues and can offer the necessary energy during peak power levels alongside base power over time.
Our batteries require little maintenance throughout their long life while remaining safe and non-toxic. All Geyser Batteries are manufactured by carbon-neutral methods, they are environmentally friendly and thus a truly unique energy storage solution built for providing the greenest energy possible – be it solar or wind power, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) or island grid power – and the end goal of servicing a new green economy.
To start improving your power system, contact Geyser Batteries at inbox@geyserbatteries.com
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