Heavy Machinery
Reliable Power for Your Machines
From cranes to stackers, forklifts to generators, Geyser Batteries present an unrivaled combination of power, reliability and safety for electric and hybrid heavy machinery. Our products remain powerful and functional in any environment – with the ability to work through temperatures as low as -60C – and are more safe than other batteries, helping to reduce cooling- and safety-related costs throughout their long lifecycle.
Geyser Batteries are ready to perform during peak times, utilizing high power during lifting or acceleration and less power during coasting or braking, helping to save energy and keep your batteries and your engines lasting longer. Plus, our batteries outlast lead batteries and supercapacitors and require minimal charging, helping to limit maintenance and save time.
As technology advances and hybrid machinery becomes more common, Geyser Batteries can help reduce costs on fuel and lower emissions while being manufactured to be safe for personnel and machinery alike, containing no toxic, flammable or explosive materials. Whether working in tandem with fuel engines or working with strictly electric systems, our batteries offer the energy density of a battery with the longevity and safety of a supercapacitor, making it the greenest energy solution available.
For more information about our battery designs, or to start using Geyser Batteries in your machinery today, contact us at inbox@geyserbatteries.com
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