Our Batteries
Powerful and Effective
Geyser Batteries are designed to outperform some of the best energy storage solutions available today. Backed by decades of research, development and technological advancement, our products combine the energy storage of batteries with the durability and power of supercapacitors in a single electrochemical system.
Long Lifecycle
Our batteries have the capability to be charged/discharged for more cycles than any other technology and are recharged almost instantly every time. The advanced design of every Geyser Battery results in the largest possible current cross section, across the entire device, creating low heat generation and uniform propagation throughout, meaning a long, healthy battery life with no maintenance required along the way.
Environmentally Friendly
Plus, the Geyser Battery is easy to produce and designed to always be environmentally friendly . Created using widely available materials and water-based electrolytes, our devices contain no toxic or flammable/explosive materials and do not require the energy necessary to produce their alternatives, such as supercapacitors and Li-ion batteries. Our products are carbon neutral and, with their long life and multimillion charge cycles, Geyser Batteries will produce much less waste over time, too.

Geyser Batteries are helping generate the future. From mining to transportation, power grids to warehouses, Geyser Batteries could be the ideal solution for your business or industry.

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